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Refinance {Cash-Out}
Property value
33% {LTV}
Property type
Vacant Land
Credit score
Deal experience
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I'm trying to buy a case backhoe for 6000 a farm single axle dump truck for 5000 and a one ton flat bed 5000 to generate the funds to pay for my loan I can sell fill dirt off the land 50 to 80 a load I can charge anywhere from 50 to a 100 an hr for tractor plus my 25 an hr I ran a backhoe close to a year and watched the money it brought but we do our own maintenance as well so it just costs us parts that's the first part of my plan for my future since I never had a life the 2nd part I worked for a gentleman rebuilding wrecked cars his name was Marvin Berry Berrys Auto Sales in poplar bluff before he passed away he gave me the business i know where to get the cars I know where to get the parts keystone automotive and I know how to build and sell the cars 500 no questions asked 200 a month and a lien on the title it takes anywhere from 8 to 1500 to build a car thts getting the car and parts then you can turn around and charge 3500 to 4500 on payments with a lien all i need is this loan and dealers license
March 20, 2024 - 2:11am

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