Loan amount
Loan type
Purchase {Construction}
After Repair Value
$120,000 {PP:$50,000}
51% {ARV}
Property type
Other Commercial
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Credit score
Deal experience
1 deal
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Property Details
Elks County
Loan Details
Purchase price
Down payment
Cost of improvements
Estimated property value after repairs
Additional Loan Information
Going to purchase breathtakingly beautiful 3 acres on mountain property with river running thru and connecting to hundreds of pristine stunning acres of public land and rural land, only a horse ride to Grand Canyon. I have a connection to get stunning brand new modular homes so each family will have a 2-3 bedroom home to rent with kitchen bathroom/shower homes for 65% below sales price for me. Front doors will open to unbelievable Mountain View’s and one of a kind equipment and activities. There will be water park for kids, arcade, go cart course and bumper cars. Will have spa and message parlor for mom and golf course and amazing canyon fly fishing for dad skeet shooting and hunting. Multiple levels of difficulty Offroad 4x4 mountain obstacle course tracks. Also multiple difficulty levels of dirt drifting race tracks. ATV trails. Off-road 4x4s for rent and ATVs for rent,kayaks also for rent.Horses to ride also. Arcade in dayroom and food to order for season pass holders and membership holders. Myself, my wife and three sons ages 18-22 will stay on the property and manage and maintain the facilities and property year around. The property is being offered at major discount to me as a kind gesture from family and also a relative is in Bangladesh helping the county clean up and modernize their industrial infrastructure. (That’s how I toured the factories offering the modular homes and the water park equipment and can secure them well below 50% lower than others in the U.S,) I can accomplish for 65,000$ completed while anybody else on that property with my plans would be minimum 120,000$ probably 140,000$.Property will be worth a minimum of 120,000$ within the first 18 months. Price range for overnight in personal home with access to rides, games and rentals for family of 4 will be starting at 650$ per night up to 1000$ a night depending on the package wanted.. Can come get day pass with a atv rental and access to skeet shooting and paintball battlefield course, water park and our gazebos and dinning area that will serve pizza and chicken nuggets,fries and ice cream. Will offer season passes and also yearly memberships for adults to use atv trails and mountain 4x4 obstacle course and drift race tracks. There will be plenty to do and I will always be updating and expanding as my finances let me. There will be 12 small homes for families to stay in overnight I will also have tents and tent area for ones that want that experience the outdoors and tent seeing the the river and mountains near the canyons. Could do a few weeks a year to Boy Scouts or church groups for huge tax incentives or huge prepaid groups. This will be 100% in all profit margin in 5-7 years and for the 20 years at minimum I run it but will be leaving for my sons to operate. Could get the property for with 9,000$ down and 10,000$ for homes and 7,000$ for equipment needed. 26,000$ up front I could have everything running and making however much payment a month. Could easily do a five year loan with low payments or even three year with high payments. Will have around 4,000$ to put down.
February 8, 2024 - 6:23am

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