Loan amount
Loan type
Purchase {Rent&Hold}
As-Is Property Value
$125,000 {PP:$125,000}
99% {LTV}
Property type
Vacant Land
Borrower Details
Credit score
Deal experience
This loan scenario was submitted by a Broker
Property Details
Loan Details
Purchase price
Down payment
Additional Loan Information
Found a 5 acre lot that I love that already has power, water, and septic. I hope to get the land asap, purchase a large motorhome and live there until phase 2 of my plan. I am about to get my mortgage loan originator license that will provide additional income that I will use to pay off this land loan and then build my barndominium. I am a military veteran and retired police officer (married to a retired police officer) but my credit score needs to come up more to use any of those programs and I would like to see about getting this land, RV, and moving this process forward if possible. I even have a couple motorhomes in mind that, if possible, I would even discuss if I could do a loan on both the land and RV but its not a requirement. Im flexible.
April 12, 2024 - 12:00pm

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