Loan amount
Loan type
Refinance {Fix&Rent}
Property value
46% {ARV}
Property type
Other Commercial
Credit score
Deal experience
6 deals
This loan scenario was submitted by a Broker
Current mortgage balance
Cost of improvements
Estimated property value after repairs
Additional Loan Information
Don’t get to caught on this on loan because I have 50+ more in the pipeline that I need to get funded…

I need a lender that can do a few things. See the list below..

1) accept an appraisal assignment letter, not for all 50 but a few..
2) I need a lender that can close quickly 5-15 days.
3) I would like to deal with lenders directors
3a) Co- broker partnerships require our broker get 2 points on every deal..
4) a few of the loans have under 600 credit scores I need that lender who can fund
5) I need a lender who can fund starting at $50k
6) I need a lender who can do 2nd mortgage
7) I need a few private lenders

So, if you can meet the majority of these options or if you can meet a few we want to hear from you immediately…

Let’s work!!!!
November 20, 2023 - 12:22am

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