Loan amount
Loan type
Purchase {Fix&Flip}
After Repair Value
$385,000 {PP:$215,000}
71% {ARV}
Property type
Single Family
Borrower Details
Credit score
Deal experience
This loan scenario was submitted by a Broker
Property Details
Loan Details
Purchase price
Down payment
Cost of improvements
Estimated property value after repairs
Additional Loan Information
The home is a four bedroom four bath 3300 square-foot sitting on two lots with a pool. The only comp available in the area is not quite close to his large with the amenities. It just recently sold for 350,000 it’s next-door if you do evaluation based on square footage value it’s from 385 to 445,000.00. I spoke with another lender suddenly two people showed up to bid on it, and I have not heard from the lender since I have been trying to contact them. I have a slight advantage on inside track and I have seller concessions on a new roof and repairs to the roof, which is the bulk of the money being put into one place the rest of it’s Restoration I’ve been in construction I’m an insurance adjuster for a major company and I’ve done restoration work most of my life. If we can get it under contract I can work up an estimate and exacta mate for all the necessary repairs that are foreseeable without invasive inspection
September 16, 2023 - 1:13pm

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