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Refinance/Cash out loan for $150000. Property will be Owner Occupied, SFR. Property address is 2101 National Avenue Madera, CA 93637. Estimated property value: $270000. Owe $100,917 on 1st mortgage.

Estimated amount of $25,000 needed to consolidate and pay collection accounts, balance remaining on voluntary repossession of defective Ford Fiesta, pay personal loan(s), credit cards and payoff amount ($10,500) of current vehicle.

After all costs, charges, fees, taxes, points, filing and recording, overnight shipping of loan documents, Notary fees, title search and recording fees, plus any other miscellaneous charges/fees, I'd like to be able to put at least $25,000, or more, in my pocket.

Income stream is provided by SSDI $1435/month non-taxable and Personal Injury settlement Life Annuity $1250/month non-taxable. Have all documentation to validate income.

Applied for Student Loan Forgiveness Program as I qualify due to SSDI payments. Estimated Student Loan debt is $55,800.

Student loans will be in deferment, until final decision from the U.S. Department of Education. There is no set timeline for review, approval or denial of Student Loan Forgiveness. Nor is there the ability to receive verbal or written information as to the pending approval or denial of Student Loans in the review process. Application packet is available to validate Student Loan Forgiveness.

I’m also one of multiple clients in a Class Action Lawsuit against Eli Lily Credit Union for issuing Student Loans to ITT Technical Institute. Shortly after the issuance of loans for the next school quarter, ITT Technical Institute ceased to operate. According to the terms of the Class Action Lawsuit, Eli Lily is to forgive all student loan debt issued for continued education at ITT Tech, remove this information from credit reports and cannot demand, bring suit, levy or attach income or turn over to collection agency to recover these monies. **Received documents stating that both accounts have been discharged with a zero balance in principal and interest.

Looking to refinance/cash out loan to lower rate, as current loan interest rate is 11.35%; and to change Interest-Only Balloon Payment Loan of $100,917 that’s due June 2020, to a longer Interest-Only Balloon Payment Loan of $150,000 due at the end of 60 months.

A Non-Prime or Non-Qualified loan program that is a 30-year fully amortized loan with monthly principal and interest payments; including monthly impounds ($128.00) for Homeowners Insurance and (135.00) for Property Tax. This is the Preferred Type of Home Loan.

With payment of Collection Accounts, Personal Loan(s), balance remaining of Voluntary Repossession of defective 2012 Ford Fiesta, Credit Cards and payoff of my 2013 Mazda5, plus the Dismissal of Current Student Loans; completion of the 36-month Non-Employment Monitoring Clause, I will be able to qualify and receive a 30-year amortized FHA or Conventional and/or FHA Type of Loan. This allows me to pay in full, the remaining months of the Hard Money Interest-Only Loan.

This is where things stand at this time. If able, or unable to find/issue a refinance/cash out 30-year fully amortized loan; or a 60-month Hard Money Interest-Only Loan with Balloon Payment of ($150000) due at the end of the 60-month term, please contact me.
July 19, 2019 - 11:02pm

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