Loan amount
Loan type
Refinance {Cash-Out}
Property value
67% {LTV}
Property type
Single Family
Credit score
Deal experience
1 deal
This loan scenario was submitted by a Broker
West Edmeston
New York
Current mortgage balance
How much cash-out are you looking for?
Additional Loan Information
Me and my husband been trying to buy our home we are living in now that my dad owns. We haven’t had any luck with regular banks. My husbands makes 65000 a year and our dream is to own this house because it has become our home. We have a one year old and another baby on the way and have no place to go if we don’t buy this house from my dad. The house is appraised at 150000 and he is asking for 100000. I also am working now. I make about 25000 a year. The loan would most definitely be paid back because we love this house and want nothing more than to be able to call it our forever home.
October 26, 2022 - 2:58pm

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