Loan amount
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As-Is Property Value
60% {LTV}
Property type
Life Settlements
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Credit score
Deal experience
5 deals
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Property Details
Loan Details
Additional Loan Information
Opportunity to purchase 36million in death benefit of lifesettlements for 2.7million. 5 separate policies will be placed in an LLC where by we will own them but the lender will be written in a guarantee in at the LLC level. We have a secondary company that will pay loan on the policy premiums owed and we will take the secondary loan an payout the original loan group plus their interest. This process will take about 1month. So in short we are looking to borrow for one month and pay 25% interest. Again, as a guarantee we ensure the loan group is primary for their funds until paid back. I'v worked closely with the group selling these and have other investments with them currently. They have been in business for 17 years so it is legit.

I know it isn't a normal hard money situation but this is a great opportunity becasuse of the cost of the asset and potential over time. Investor must act fast. I'm reaching out becuase an earlier investor didn't fully disclose he true situation and I need a replacement.
July 11, 2019 - 1:31pm

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