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Are you looking for a hard money lender near you? You want one that offers competitive rates with the least amount of points and fees. Prequalification only takes a few minutes online and your funds could be reimbursed in as little as 7 days; or even less.

A hard money lender is a non-institutional lender that issues funds to borrowers for the purchase or renovation of investment property, primary residence, construction, commercial or residential, and everything in between. Also referred to as private money lenders, they provide finances to short-term fix-and-flippers and long-term investors in need of quick funding for rehab projects or cash-out refinancing, etc. Their loans are asset-based in that they only accept the real property as collateral.

While hard money lenders charge higher interest rates than banks, their funding times are often faster and they don't usually do not look at the borrowers' credit score; thus borrowers with bad credit need not worry.

You might also want to finance a business development project. Still, you could use a hard money lender. The lender will finance a sizable portion of your transaction. Do not go looking for these lenders through typical bank branches. They are usually found online. Our platform makes finding lenders incredibly easy. Simply tell us what your needs are and we'll automatically match you with our nearly 1,000 hard money lenders.

Classes of Hard Money Lenders

Technically, there are three degrees of hard money lenders. Each category is founded on the lender's relationship with the borrower. The lender can be anyone from a personal acquaintance to an established entity.

  • Primary lenders: These are the closest people in your life i.e. friends and family
  • Secondary lenders: Include acquaintances, professional partners, and colleagues
  • Third-party lenders: Hard money lenders who are accredited as private investors

All of the above can give you money to buy a condo, home, or a multifamily unit. They can also finance your need for long-term buy-and-hold investment.

Who Are Hard Money Lenders Right For?

A hard money lender works with:

  • Long-term investors looking to season their real estate
  • Fix and flippers looking to renovate, buy and sell houses the soonest possible (within 12 months)
  • Seasoned borrowers who do not qualify for a traditional mortgage
  • Serious business-people in need of quick cash
  • Buy and hold investors who want to buy and renovate houses/rentals before refinancing with regular banking institutions
  • and many more..

Practices of Hard Money Lenders

Hard money lenders often provide funds in strict terms and quick turnaround times. In some instances, they give out cash within a day or two. Their practices are not State-regulated and so they define their own rules. That means a hard money lender decides how much to lend, to whom, and under what conditions.

Many times, hard money lenders deal with high-risk borrowers. Some applicants go to a money lender without financial statements or verifiable incomes. Others have no credit history.

As if that's not enough, some of the investments that hard money lenders fund are highly risky. For instance, they can finance a real estate that's still under construction or critically damaged. Some will even provide 100% financing for certain flip or construction projects.

Another common practice of hard money lenders is that they specialize in particular niches of real estate. For instance, a lender may only issue hard cash for residential houses only. Another one could specialize in the commercial property. It's best to work with a lender whose specialty is the kind of real estate you want to finance.

Benefits of Dealing with Hard Money Lenders

  • Speedy approval and funding
  • They provide rehab finance loans to renovate before selling a property
  • Minimum or no requirements for credit score
  • They allow flexibility and negotiations
  • They can take the same property you're buying as collateral
  • No red tape requirements


  • Higher interest rates than conventional loans
  • Short repayment period

What to Consider When Determining the Best Hard Money Lender

Finding the Perfect Hard Money Lender

Our platform features almost 1,000 hard money lenders across the entire country. We have data on exactly what their lending parameters are which means we can instantly match you with them based on the loan you are looking for. Take 1-2 minutes and submit a quick funding request and you could receive multiple offers as soon as today. Compare each and select the deal that works the best for you.

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