Loan amount
Loan-to-value (LTV)
Required credit score
Required deal experience
Rates can vary depending on the loan program chosen and can fluctuate day to day
We would connect the Client (if the borrower) with a Broker
If a Broker, they would work directly with me - My fees are $1295.00 outside of any Broker fees or other costs associated with the loan process.
2200 Powell Street #340
I am a Regional Account Executive with Newfi Wholesale. I would work directly with a Broker to provide Lending options to clients.
The loans I offer are largely based on "No Income" documents needed. Instead, we would utilize an appraisal on the home if an investment property, Banks statements or 1099's if Self Employed and Asset Depletion. Purchase, Refinance, Cash out refinance
If there is a good fit for a loan, I would ask the Borrower directly if they would like to be connected with a Broker or deal directly with the Broker looking for the loan option.
Arizona California Texas Utah Washington

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