Loan amount
Loan-to-value (LTV)
Required credit score
Required deal experience
10% to 14%
Lender Points 4-7% depends on term, loan size, collateral, transaction type.
9755 Dogwood Road, Suite 250, Roswell, GA 30075
Southeast Private Lending, LLC is Atlanta, GA's only Premier "OLD SCHOOL" True Hard Money Local Real Estate Lender located here in Cobb County/Marietta since 2008 (12+ Years) funding investors in the entire Metro Atlanta Area and GA Statewide for all property types to Purchase, Cashout, Refinance, Renovate/Rehab, Construction Completion (not ground up), Transactional Funding for Wholesalers and "Same Day Sales" (Leg A to B Only), Purch & Rehab (Fix-N-Flip) for both Residential & Commercial Property! We even do a "Primary Residence Hard Money Specialty Loan" (Refinance or Cashout only, loan made to LLC"!) We lend on Land Deals/Lots/Tracts/parcels Too!

Georgia only No Doc Loans (Income/Employment Not Verified)! Absolutely NO UPFRONT FEES! No Credit Pull or FICO Score Required! (WOW)- No Appraisal (we visit & inspect the property ourselves) and you save $500+!! (No-Brainer) No Prepayment Penalties-No Upfront Fee w/Same Day Approvals + Proof of Funds Letters for Purchase Contracts & our Signature 5 Day Closings!

65-70% True Hard Equity Lending on "as is FMV" (Cashout/Refinance/Rehab-Renovation). 15-20% cash down for Fix-N-Flips (Purch/Rehab)= 85-90% LTC on Acquisitions w/Rehab. 100% Transactional Funding for Wholesalers/Same-Day Sales (Leg A to B)! Rates from 10-14%+. Terms from 1-5 Year Notes- WOW! (Not 6 months like the other "Wimps"). Top registered GA State Lender 2008-2020! Look us up on GA SOS site. No Red Tape- Straight Talk only! We are fully capitalized and ready to fund your next deal! "Show me the deal and we'll show you the money"! If you don't have any cash (money) to put down on purchase deals don't call us! No 15-20% down Cash= No Deal (no time for dreamers/deadbeats/pretenders/wannabees/knuckleheads)!

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