Map of the United States

Perhaps you are beginning to evaluate the local real estate market and lending landscape in your State as you decide on a property to invest in. Or, you are considering making a real estate investment in another State to diversify yourself or your business. Regardless of your reason, it's helpful to know what the availability is for hard money loans in the States you plan to operate in. Eventually, you will want to find a hard money lender near you.

Why a certain State has more lenders than another can be for a variety of reasons. Factors like overall size, population, average income, average net-worth, and the fastest-growing real estate markets certainly play a role. We decided to take a look at the nearly 1,000 hard money lenders on our platform, at the time of writing this, to see which States have the most coverage.

The State rankings

Note, this list is not based on the actual location of the lenders but rather the States that they service; meaning, the States where they are legally allowed to lend in. Many lenders will service multiple States; some even service the entire United States.

  1. California: 459 lenders
  2. Texas: 371 lenders
  3. Florida: 349 lenders
  4. Colorado: 306 lenders
  5. New York: 294 lenders
  6. Washington: 292 lenders
  7. Georgia: 289 lenders
  8. Arizona: 286 lenders
  9. Virginia: 281 lenders
  10. New Jersey: 279 lenders
  11. Maryland: 275 lenders
  12. Pennsylvania: 275 lenders
  13. Connecticut: 272 lenders
  14. Massachusetts: 271 lenders
  15. North Carolina: 271 lenders
  16. Illinois: 270 lenders
  17. Oregon: 261 lenders
  18. Ohio: 260 lenders
  19. South Carolina: 259 lenders
  20. Tennessee: 258 lenders
  21. Missouri: 256 lenders
  22. District of Columbia: 255 lenders
  23. Indiana: 251 lenders
  24. Rhode Island: 248 lenders
  25. New Mexico: 247 lenders
  26. Oklahoma: 247 lenders
  27. Delaware: 246 lenders
  28. Wisconsin: 246 lenders
  29. New Hampshire: 245 lenders
  30. Hawaii: 242 lenders
  31. Utah: 242 lenders
  32. Kansas: 241 lenders
  33. Kentucky: 241 lenders
  34. Michigan: 241 lenders
  35. Idaho: 240 lenders
  36. Louisiana: 240 lenders
  37. Maine: 240 lenders
  38. Wyoming: 237 lenders
  39. West Virginia: 237 lenders
  40. Alabama: 237 lenders
  41. Mississippi: 233 lenders
  42. Nevada: 233 lenders
  43. Montana: 231 lenders
  44. Nebraska: 231 lenders
  45. Iowa: 230 lenders
  46. Arkansas: 228 lenders
  47. Minnesota: 226 lenders
  48. Alaska: 223 lenders
  49. Vermont: 216 lenders
  50. North Dakota: 206 lenders
  51. South Dakota: 200 lenders

What do these results mean?

Well, they don't mean much. Despite the leader, California, having more than twice as many hard money lenders as South Dakota, the State last in the rankings, there are still 200 lenders available in the least popular State. Being that the population of California is over 40 times larger than that of South Dakota, once could make the argument that there are actually more lenders available per-capita. The key takeaway from this analysis is that no matter where you live or where you are investing, there are plenty of lenders available and the worst-case is you only have 200 to choose from!

How do you narrow down the list of lenders?

Each lender is different and has different requirements, criteria, risk-tolerance, rates, and fees. Having to research all 200-450 hard money lenders in your State would take you months and by the time you were done, your real estate investment would probably no longer be feasible. Real estate is all about timing and you must move quickly if you want to succeed.

The fastest way to find a lender that meets your needs exactly is to start by submitting a request on our platform which only takes 1 to 2 minutes. We take the basics of your financing needs and automatically match them with nearly 1,000 hard money lenders. Those lenders that are interested in providing you with a loan will come to you. And that's all you have to do. 

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